5 Ways 3PLs are Upgrading in 2023

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1. Additional Services

When it comes to outsourcing your day-to-day operations to a 3PL, it is rarely enough that they provide you with strictly order fulfilment and storage. Although these services are the bedrock of any third-party logistics business, they are by no means the only selling points for eCommerce brands.

Offering a wider range of services including things like returns processing, cross-docking services, bespoke packaging etc. 3PLs are positioning themselves to become a ‘one stop shop’ for all eCommerce brands logistical requirements in 2023.

2. Technology

These days, keeping up to date with technology in logistics is crucial to a business’s survival. In particular 3PLs operate with some of the most advanced WMS software in the logistics industry. As 2023 rolls around we are seeing more and more 3PLs increasing their integration capabilities to cover the growing number of sales channels and software programs that eCommerce brands are using to sell their products.

3. Automated Reporting

The best 3PLs are always looking for ways to increase efficiency, whether that looks like streamlining their pick and pack process, optimising software integrations or simply hiring more staff. One way 3PLs are choosing to do this in 2023 is by automating their reporting procedures. Using sophisticated cloud-based software systems, things like invoicing, data reporting and order processing are all becoming more efficient through automation.

4. Sustainable Focus

As we as humans become more conscious of our impact on the environment around us, it should come as no surprise that businesses are considering green alternatives to their previous approaches more now than ever.

One way 3PLs are tackling this is by partnering with courier companies who are making efforts to reduce their overall emissions. Whether that looks like using electric vehicles or something more practical like sophisticated route optimisation, you can be sure that 3PLs will be increasing their green initiatives in 2023.

Another common area that 3PL’s are looking to improve on their environmental impact is through a continuous improvement approach to packaging choices. A great example of this is our recent blog on moving away from cornstarch based bio-degradable satchels and towards satchels made from ocean bound plastic.

5. Man / Machine Collaboration

We are currently in the future of logistics, or ‘Industry 5.0’ as they are calling it. This means that companies within the logistics industry are constantly looking for new ways to integrate technology and machines into their everyday operations.

As AI advances and intelligent machines become increasing popular, logistics companies, (specifically 3PLs) are harnessing these new capabilities to increase efficiency and take some of the physical load off of their staff.

While often times you hear of machines replacing the roles of man, 3PLs are focusing more on the collaboration between the two, using ‘smart robots’ to complete menial tasks while adapting staff roles to contain more intelligent practices.


We are now in 2023, looking to the future we can see that many 3PLs are embracing the new and changing the way we think about logistics and its capabilities.

If you want to read more about how a 3PL can help grow your ecommerce business you can read our blog on ‘Industry 5.0’

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5 Ways 3PLs are Upgrading in 2023

1. Additional Services When it comes to outsourcing your day-to-day operations to a 3PL, it is rarely enough that they provide you with strictly order

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