How to Ship International for Cheap

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The Importance of Logistics in Online Retail

One of the biggest mistakes many online retail companies make is underestimating the role logistics plays in their brands’ success. Obviously getting your products to your customers quickly and accurately is the most important thing but what about the packaging it comes in? or the way its packed inside of the box or satchel? Or even the way the products are stored and handled before being shipped to your customers? These things go a long way towards maintaining customer satisfaction levels.

Put it this way, if you purchase something online and it shows up at your door in a damaged box with no protective packaging inside, even if the product is okay, would you be entirely satisfied with your purchase?

These are the main issues that have given rise to the current boom in 3PLs in the logistics industry. Outsourcing your storage, picking and packing, and shipping to a team of experts is becoming more and more common as brands are beginning to realise the importance of professionals managing their brands’ logistical operations.

Overpaying for Shipping

A lot of growing Ecommerce brands find themselves struggling to afford the costs of shipping, more specifically international shipping when doing it by themselves. It’s likely if you’re running an online business, you’re probably not too focused on how your products get to your customers, just that they get there on time, undamaged and at an affordable rate.

While this is understandable, it is unlikely that this will be achievable long term for majority of Ecommerce brands as they don’t have access to the resources that the top 3PLs will have. By working with various courier companies to ship bulk amounts of orders, 3PLs can offer shipping services at discounted rates you won’t find elsewhere.

International Shipping Services

Working with third-party logistics professionals can help reduce your international shipping rates as well as your overall cost of logistics operations. When you join a 3PL you are gaining access to discounted shipping rates, bulk packaging and a range of services that will bring down your total logistical expenses.

When it comes to international shipping a good 3PL can manage almost all aspects of the process for you. Things like keeping up to date with global trade agreements and adjusting as necessary, communicating changes in shipping rates from different couriers, providing multiple options for international shipping based on what countries your orders are being shipped to etc. are processes that can be handled efficiently by an experienced 3PL.

Understanding how customs work in the countries you ship to or working with people who do is key to ensuring customer satisfaction internationally. The last thing you want to happen is your products getting stuck in customs or your business getting hit with unforeseen fees.

Malpa 3PL

If you’ve read this far and have likely concluded that a 3PL could benefit your business, Malpa 3PL provides all of these services and can help bring a high-quality international shipping set up for your Ecommerce brand. Let our industry experts help you take your brand to the international stage the right way. If you want to discuss further, reach out via the ‘contact us’ page.

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