about Malpa 3PL

It started as two mates with an idea, enthusiasm for quality, and a decent supply of coffee. The goal to build business with excellence comes out in everthing we do, and every package we send - if it doesn't we're doing it wrong.

Malpa is a word from the Indigenous Australian language Pitjantjatjara, spoken in the central desert region of the Northern Territory. It means: to come alongside and journey with.

This is the core heart that motivates our business. We're not here only to make money, but to work with you to grow your business, just as we grow ours.

We believe business is done best when we each play to our strengths, focus on what we do best, and work to achieve more together than we could alone. That's what creates a vibrant business ecosystem, where everyone plays their part and all things work together.


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Frequently asked questions


Where are you based?

Our fulfillment centre is in Brisbane, on the east coast of Australia. From here we have good access to ship all around the country, and right around the world.

What is your minimum order volume to sign up?

We have none! We've aimed our business especially at those trying to make the difficult transition into full time eCommerce business, but still juggling a full time job. That is one of the times you need help the most.

How does this work? What is an integration?

When you come on board with us, we will connect your website to our system using integrations. Integrations use a protocol called API's (Application Programming Interface) to connect different software systems together, and share certain types of data. What this means is that after the API is configured and authenticated by both of us, any orders placed at your eCommerce store will automatically appear on our system. We will then pick, pack, and ship the orders. Once the parcel has been logged with Australia Post, the tracking number will automatically be fed back to your site, and the status will be updated.

What else can you do to help me?

Anything we're legally allowed to! We offer ad hoc (as required) services for an hourly rate. Whether it's picking up something from a local supplier, helping to secure custom packaging, or bundling up your product ready for order. Our business is to add value to your business, and that can look like many different things.


Do I have to have my stock barcoded?

Sorry, but yes. This is how we're able to make our 100% accuracy guarantee, but it's also the point in the process where your stock is counted and eyeballed for any obvious issues. If your stock is already barcoded depending on the formatting we may be able to use yours. In this case we may be able to give you a discounted receival fee.


Can I use my own packaging?

Absolutely! We have an array of boxes and biodegradable mail satchels that suit most products, but if you're wanting to send your product in something extra special you're welcome to BYO. Get in contact with us and we can work together to produce a personalised solution thats right for your brand.

What carriers do you use?

Our preferred carriers are Australia Post for domestic service, and DHL for international. Partnering with us will give you access to the competitive volume rates we have with these carriers. We do not use Sendle as feedback from our clients indicates their service is not reliable. If you have another carrier you'd like to use, let us know.