Our 3PL Services

With same day order fulfillment, pinpoint accuracy and competitive shipping rates, Malpa 3PL offers industry leading order fulfillment services for online retailers.
Order Fulfilment


Our Process

Ship your stock to be stored in our warehouse

Customers purchase products in your eCommerce store

Order details appear in our order fulfilment system

We package your products and ship same day

What Do We Do?

Same Day Order Shipping & fulfilment Service

Order fulfilment is the backbone of eCommerce, and it’s the core of our business. This involves picking stock from its shelf location and packing it to your specifications before sending it out to be shipped to your customers.


For every order we use a barcode scan-to-verify system to ensure we have the right product(s) every single time. Our service guarantee is that orders in our system by 1:30pm will be out the door the same day.

3PL warehouse pallet racking

Simplify your inventory

Inventory Management

Whether you’re emptying stock out of your garage, or having it shipped directly to our warehouse in Brisbane from your manufacturer, everything we receive is logged in our system and barcoded for ease of identification and tracking.


Malpa 3PL uses modern logistics technologies to ensure that all stock being received and managed is tracked throughout the warehouse. Depending on your order volume, we will organize your stock locations so that pickability and storage are optimized to suit your brands requirements.

Simplify your return process

Return Logistics

As part of our standard services, Malpa 3PL provides eCommerce businesses with an efficient, streamlined returns process. Each product that is returned is inspected by a member of our team to identify its reason for being returned.


If the product appears to be damaged, we determine if it is due to a manufacturer defect or if a customer has damaged the product themselves. Either way, our system will notify you immediatly.


If the product is deemed to be in ‘New’ condition, it will be received back into our system and become a part of your available inventory. Otherwise, it will be quarrantined pending your instructions.


Omni Channel Inventory
Management & fulfilment

The beauty of eCommerce is that you can have multiple digital storefronts for the same product. Our system will integrate with your eCommerce store, your store will feed us order and shipping details, and we’ll feed back to you order status and tracking numbers. See below for a list of just some of the platforms we’re able to integrate with.

Packed your way

Bespoke Packaging

At Malpa we understand that the packaging and unboxing of your products can be a significant part of how you position your brand. Our aim is to help you highlight your brands’ individuality by providing an extensive range of bespoke packaging services. Not all brands require this level of customisation so in that case so they would fall under our Standard Packaging Process category.

Where do WE ship to?

International Shipping Solutions

As part of our standard international shipping solutions, Malpa provides eCommerce brands with multiple options depending on international order volume. Typically, our 3 main options for shipping globally are:


AusPost International – for brands with a small international presence (0-20 intl orders per week)


DHL – for businesses with a slightly larger international customer base (20-150 intl orders per week)


International Fulfillment Group – this option is for eCommerce brands who are looking to aggressively expand their international presence or have already established themselves as a global brand (150+ intl orders per week)

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