Outsourcing their fulfilment needs has allowed Rainkoat to focus on what they do best, designing durable and fun rainkoats.

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Who Is Rainkoat?

Founded in Tasmania in 2015, Rainkoat has been providing Australians with European-style, high quality Rainwear for almost a decade. The idea started when founder Laura’s mother handmade waterproof overalls for the whole family. Laura then went on to create similar pieces for her nieces and nephews and soon realized there was an opportunity in front of her. A few years later, Rainkoat was born and since then they have been making their mark in the world of Fashionable Rainwear.


With a simple, yet colourful range, Rainkoat products feature welded/heat sealed seams to ensure they are 100% waterproof and extremely durable. So durable in fact, that they are designed with the intention of being handed down through families. Not only is that a testament to their quality, but also an example of Rainkoat’s sustainable efforts.


As of 2022, Rainkoat are now single-use plastic free, with all tags and packaging associated with their products being recyclable and bio-degradable. Doing their part to help move the fashion world towards sustainability and away from ‘fast fashion’.

What our client has to say:

“Malpa 3PL has been a great addition to the Rainkoat team. After outgrowing self-storage and fulfilment we were recommended Malpa and haven’t looked back. Being able to rely on them for all our stock management and fulfillment has been a huge weight taken off the team and allowed us to focus on other key areas in the business.


Their performance through Black Friday 2022 was exceptional in preparation and execution and we would happily recommend them to anyone looking for a 3PL partner.”


How Malpa 3PL Helped Rainkoat

Before joining Malpa 3PL, Rainkoat was doing all their storage and order fulfillment in-house. As is the case with most growing eCommerce brands though, this was not a viable long-term solution as the time requirement from the brand owners can be quite extreme. So, after hearing about Malpa from one of our other clients Laura reached out to see if we could help streamline their fulfiment process.


At Malpa 3PL it is our mission to walk alongside brands on their business journey by providing customised services to suit their specific needs. In Rainkoats’ case, this meant providing efficient and affordable storage solutions and offering a range of sustainable packaging options that aligned with their core values. Overall, by outsourcing their fulfilment needs, Rainkoat has been able to focus on what they do best, designing robust and fun rainkoats rather than managing pick/pack staff and a warehouse. For more information on the comparison between DIY fulfilment and using a 3PL, take alook at our blog “Fulfilment Centre (3PL) Vs Warehouse: Whats the Difference?

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