Pricing Structure

How much does this all cost?

As a rule of thumb, roughly $2-3 more than it would cost to ship it yourself if you were using MyPost Business. 


Sally sells candles in 3 different scents. She also sells a beautiful holder that customers can bundle with their candle purchase. In a typical week she'll make 63 sales. 30 of these will be one candle, 12 will be two candles, and the other 21 will be two candles and a holder. At around 250 sales per month, she would be on the 'Going for Gold' tier. This is how she would be charged:


Single Pick and Pack: 63 @ $3.00 = $189

Additional item: 12 + (21 x 2) = 54 @ 50c = $27

Storage: 2m of shelf + a pallet of backstock = 2 x 3 + 9 = $15

Digital service fee: $15

She didn't have any new stock arrive this week, so Sally's total bill for the week would be $243.

This does not include the shipping or packaging costs.

Pricing Tier
Shipments / Month
Single Pick & Pack
Additional Pick & Pack
<50 units
$0.75 /item
Up and Coming
50-150 units
$0.75 /item
Going for Gold
150-1000 units
$0.50 /item
>1000 units
$0.50 /item
Other Rates
  • Single sku carton receival - $5
  • Mixed sku carton receival - $7
  • QC check on incoming stock - 30c per unit
  • Barcodes applied to stock - 50c per unit
  • Digital service fee - $15/wk
- It is a requirement that all inventory has a Code 128 barcode attached.
- All prices quoted are GST exclusive.
- These rates are an indicative framework only. Every business is different, so hit the button below to find out how a tailored solution would work best for your business.

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Other Services

  • Storage - Approximately $25 per m2 /month, see below for details

  • Ad Hoc Services - $55/ hr

  • Returns Inspections - $5

  • Special rates for wholesale order fulfilment

  • Cross docking services available