Pricing Structure

How much does this all cost?

As a rule of thumb, roughly $2-3 more than it would cost to ship it yourself if you were using MyPost Business. 


Sally sells candles in 3 different scents. She also sells a beautiful holder that customers can bundle with their candle purchase. In a typical week she'll make 63 sales. 30 of these will be one candle, 12 will be two candles, and the other 21 will be two candles and a holder. At around 250 sales per month, she would be on the 'Going for Gold' tier. This is how she would be charged:


Single Pick and Pack: 63 @ $3.00 = $189

Additional item: 12 + (21 x 2) = 54 @ 50c = $27

Storage: 2m of shelf + a pallet of backstock = 2 x 3 + 6 = $12

She didn't have any new stock arrive this week, so Sally's total bill for the week would be $228.

This does not include the shipping or packaging costs.

Pricing Tier
Shipments / Month
Single Pick & Pack
Additional Pick & Pack
<50 units
$0.75 /item
Up and Coming
50-150 units
$0.75 /item
Going for Gold
150-1000 units
$0.50 /item
>1000 units
$0.50 /item
Other Rates
  • Single sku carton receival - $5
  • Mixed sku carton receival - $7
  • QC check on incoming stock - 30c per unit
  • Barcodes applied to stock - 50c per unit
- It is a requirement that all inventory has a Code 128 barcode attached.
- All prices quoted are GST exclusive.
- These rates are an indicative framework only. Every business is different, so hit the button below to find out how a tailored solution would work best for your business.

Want to know exactly how these prices work to scale your business. get in touch with us


Other Services

  • Storage - Approximately $25 per m2 /month, see below for details

  • Ad Hoc Services - $55/ hr

  • Returns Inspections - $5

  • Special rates for wholesale order fulfilment

  • Cross docking services available

Tell me more about:


Depending on the pricing tier you are in, we will allocate storage differently to optimise the balance between storage efficiency and accessibility. As order volumes increase the requirements of stock accessibility change to facilitate decrease the time taken to pick items, a saving we then pass onto you as reduced picking rates. Current Pricing is as follows (per week): Frontstock shelving (per m): $3.00 Frontstock pallet: $8.00 Backstock pallet: $6.00

Brand Pack

We provide a service included in our standard pick & pack fees where the tracking number is automatically sent back to the sales channel. We have found that some sales channels have a limited ability to develop exactly what you want your clients to receive. We are able to use a html editor to produce notification emails that are exactly what you want. This branding pack includes custom email notifications, a branded dedicated tracking protral and returns portal. This allows great opportunities for targeted re-advertising to increase customer lifetime value. This service is $25 per month.

Wholesale order fulfilment

Be it a wholesale order for a bricks and mortar store that stocks your product, or a box of stock to take to a pop-up stall, we can put together bulk boxes of stock for you at an economical rate. This allows you full control over your stock, even though it's not in your spare room. Contact us so we can give you a rate tailored to your business.

Advanced Inventory Management and Reporting

We provide inventory syncing to a single sales channels free of charge. This is sufficient for the needs of most startups. But as you grow, you will eventually need to have access to a proper inventory management system to create purchase orders, set up kitting, supply chain transparency and management, stock level buffers and so much more.

This is where our inventory management service comes in. We have partnered with an industry leader to provide a client portal that provides an abundance of features at 1/4 of the price you would normally pay. Ask us for rates, and for how these features can take the pain out of inventory for your business!

Returns Inspections

At some point unfortunately you're bound to have customers return a product. Be it the wrong size, not what they thought it was, or simply a change of mind. Returns inspection is simply receiving the item and inspecting it to ensure it's still in a saleable condition, then putting it back on the shelf. Of course we'd be in touch with you about it if it wasn't.


We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for ecommerce fulfillment. If you need some re-work done on your products, need custom hand written cards, need us to assemble your product....... Whatever your business needs to get the best product out the door we will do whatever we can to help (legally of course :) )