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ecommerce integrations


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Pick and Pack

Order fulfilment is the backbone of eCommerce, and it's the core of our business. This is simply picking stock from the warehouse and packing for shipping to your customer. We use a barcode scan system to verify we get the right product every time. Our service guarantee is that orders in our system by 2pm will be shipped the same day.

Stock Receival Verification

Whether you're emptying stock out of your garage, or having it shipped directly to us from your overseas manufacturer, all stock we receive is catalouged and barcoded. Once complete we'll verify with you what we've received, and what condition it's in. This helps to build confidence and transparency in your supply chain.


We hire our warehouse space by the square metre, by metre of shelf, and by pickable location. We tally storage use on a weekly basis, so you'll only pay for what you're using. Depending on what tier of order volume you fall in, we'll organise your stock to optimise between pickability and condensed storage.

Bespoke Packaging

We understand packaging and unboxing can be a significant part of how you position your brand, so you need it done your way. We offer both basic and bespoke mail packaging options.

- Basic would be to pick the item, perhaps remove it from a protective sleeve and put it straight into a standard mailer satchel or box, ready for shipment. All prices quoted are for basic packaging unless stated otherwise.

- With bespoke packaging the sky is the limit. You might have your own branded packaging or mailer satchels you want to use, or maybe to have your items gift wrapped, or folded a certain way then wrapped in tissue paper. Or even a limited edition product that is shipped inside a gift box. In order to price a quote for you, video yourself packing one so we can see just what you mean.

*We're happy to use branded packaging, but you'll need to supply it. It will also become another item that requires it's own storage location, and be an additional pickable item.

Eg. Product + custom packaging = double pick

Omni Channel Inventory Management

The beauty of eCommerce is that you can have multiple digital storefronts for the same product. Our system can connect with all of them, maintaining inventory levels across multiple platforms.

Branding Pack

We can automate emails to your customer to let them know when their order is on it's way. These can be configured to show they're coming from one of your email addresses, and with all of your branding as required. Additionally, a branded parcel tracking portal, and branded returns portal are also available.


An integration (or API) is a way that software systems are able to shake hands and communicate particular data. Our system will intergrate with your eCommerce store, your store will feed us order and shipping details, and we'll feed back to you order status and tracking numbers. See below for a list of just some of the platforms we're able to integrate with.

Ad Hoc Services

Our mission is to support you in business, whatever that means. So if you need us to drop a box of your shirts off to the screen printer, stick labels on jars, or measure out coffee beans into individual bags, we can do anything you need for a simple hourly rate.

*If we need additional equipment to provide you the requested service there may be a setup fee.

Market Stall Stock

We want you to be confident that your stock is your property, and you always have control over it. If markets or pop-up stalls is something you do on a semi-regular basis we can put together a box (or three) of stock to send to you for the occasion. When done, send it back and we'll store it on the shelf for next time, topping it up as needed. We won't unpack it, so you won't incur another receival fee.

Holiday Fulfilment

Not ready to engage 3PL full time but need a break? Take advantage of our Holiday Fulfilment service! This is a cut down version of our regular service so you can take a well earned break. Ship us a box (or three) of your stock and we'll take care of things while you put your feet up.

  • Your stock will need to be clearly labelled with your store SKU's, either individually, bundled, bagged or boxed, so we don't get them mixed them up.

  • We'll have some documentation for you to fill out to make sure we know exactly what to do with your shipments.

  • Even if your holiday takes a bit longer than planned, that's totally fine.

  • Once you're back on deck, we'll return the rest of your stock with a full sales summary.

There's no hidden fees with this service, all you pay is the pick fee per item, storage is free for three weeks. If you don't sell a thing, all you'll pay is the shipping for your stock to and from our warehouse.